Linux News Today: Firefox 44.0.2 Arrives for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X

Mozilla launched a second update for the Firefox 44.0 branch, but this is a smaller release with just a couple of smaller fixes, albeit the security issue is quite important.

Mozilla developers have changed the way they release updates for Firefox. They don’t wait for things that need to be corrected to pile up, and they push a new update out the door as soon as possible.

The stable edition of Mozilla Firefox 44.0 was launched on January 27, and now we already have a couple of updates for it. From the looks it, this cycle is a little bit calmer than the previous one, and there aren’t so many fixes and modifications. Still, upgrading to the latest version of the Firefox Internet browser is recommended since it’s also covering a security issue.

What’s new in Firefox 44.0.2?

Mozilla Firefox 44.0.2 is a really small upgrade. One of the problems that have been solved is related to hangs and crashes that could occur in certain situations, but it only affected the Windows platform.

The security issue is a little bit more complicated and it’s better explained by the security notice that has been made available.

“Service workers intercept responses to plugin network requests made through the browser. Plugins which make security decisions based on the content of network requests can have these decisions subverted if a service worker forges responses to those requests,” the bug entry reads.

Moreover, Mozilla has also announced that it changes the release schedule for the Firefox Internet browser, and it’s moving from a six-week cycle to a six- to eight-week flexible cycle. This should allow them to better test the new releases so that these kinds of small upgrades won’t be necessary.

You can download Firefox 44.0.2 for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X from Softpedia. Please keep in mind that the Linux version is just a binary, and it’s not installable unless you want to compile your own.

Via Softpedia

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