Linux News Today: First KaOS Linux ISO for 2016 Ships with KDE Plasma 5.5.3, KDE Applications 15.12

Just a few moments ago, the KaOS developers were happy to announce the first update of their KaOS Linux rolling operating system in 2016, by releasing the new KaOS 2016.1 ISO images to users worldwide.

KaOS 2016.01 is not just a simple updated installation media, as it brings with some of the latest GNU/Linux technologies that have been released since November 2015’s update of the distribution, KaOS 2015.11, such as the KDE Plasma 5.5.3 desktop environment, KDE Applications 15.12 software suite, as well as KDE Frameworks 5.18.0.

Under the hood, the January 2016 release of KaOS ships with Linux kernel 4.3.3, Glibc 2.22-based toolchain, LLVM/Clang 3.7.1, Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.1.0, the Ruby 2.3.0 stack, Python 3.5, as well as an updated GRUB bootloader, which incorporates the latest security patches.

“Plasma 5.5 has brought new features in the Widget Explorer, expanded options in the Applications Launchers, new widgets including Color Picker & Disk Quota, restored support for legacy system tray icons, default font has moved to Noto and Desktop Tweaks for different handling of widgets plus option to disable the desktop toolbox,” reads today’s announcement.

Artwork updates, new Calamares installer

The operating system’s artwork has also been updated in KaOS 2016.01. Actually, it received a complete overhaul and it now uses the original, uniform look and feel that the distributions used when it was launched back in 2013, which was integrated everywhere, as you can see from the gallery attached at the end of the article.

Moreover, support for Legacy Nvidia graphics cards has been removed because of the implementation of Linux kernel 4.3.3, finobt and CRC-enabled XFS filesystem is now used by default for the Live ISO image, support for the KDE Plasma 5 Wayland session was implemented in the login screen, and systemd-boot is used for UEFI installs.

Last but not least, the Calamares graphical installer has been updated to the next-gen 2.0 series, a release that brings numerous powerful features. You can download the KaOS 2016.01 Live ISO image, which is supported only on 64-bit (x86_64) computers, right now from our website.

KaOS 2016.01

KaOS 2016.01

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