Linux News Today: First Opera Web Browser Beta Update in 2016 Lets Linux Users Watch Netflix Movies

On January 13, we’ve reported news on the first updated in 2016 for the Opera Developer channel of the proprietary web browser, but Opera Software today announced the release of the first Beta version of the Opera 35.0 web browser for 2016.

Opera 35.0 Build 2066.23 has been pushed earlier to the Beta channels of the cross-platform web browser for all supported operating systems, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, allowing users to test the latest features that have been implemented since the previous Beta build.

“It’s a fast-paced beginning of the year: today, we have the beta update, first one in 2016. This is a maintenance update with the following highlights,” said Aneta Reluga, Desktop QA Team at Opera Software. “For the full list of fixes, I’m inviting you to check out the changelog – a short one, but full of merit.”

Linux users can now enjoy Netflix movies

There aren’t so many improvements in the Opera 35.0 Build 2066.23 web browser, as you can see from the changelog attached at the end of the article, but the highlights are better support for watching Netflix videos on Linux platforms, as well as more smooth bookmark deduplication functionality.

Additionally, the Opera developers managed to improve the performance and stability of the web browser in both the Turbo and regular modes, as well as to backport a renderer crash fix. For Mac users, there are a few fixes as well in this release, which you can read at the end of the article.

As usual, you can download the latest Opera builds for all supported platforms from our website. Today’s Opera 35.0 Build 2106.0 is available for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems, but please keep in mind that this is a pre-release version and it’s not suitable for production use.

Via Softpedia

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