Linux News Today: First Point Release of OpenELEC 6.0 Solves Issues for Raspberry Pi 2 Users

The developers of the OpenELEC (Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center) open-source and cross-platform media center operating system announced today, January 30, the release of OpenELEC 6.0.1.

We were actually wondering what happened with the development of the Kodi-based media center that lets users transform their SBCs into a powerful Home Theatre PC (HTPC), as we heard nothing from it since the major OpenELEC 6.0 release on November 1, 2015.

Well, the first point release of OpenELEC 6.0 lands today, after three months of work, to add various improvements and fix bugs that have been reported by users since the previous release. Additionally, OpenELEC 6.0.1 updates both official and unofficial add-ons, and the repositories contain now only up-to-date add-ons.

“The OpenELEC 6.0.1 release has been published. Users running OpenELEC 5.95.1 thru 6.0.0 with auto-update enabled will be prompted on-screen to reboot and apply the update once it has been downloaded. Users running older OpenELEC releases or with auto-update disabled will need to manually update,” reads today’s announcement.

What’s new in OpenELEC 6.0.1

According to the release notes, OpenELEC 6.0.1 patches various SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) issues that users reported with some secure HTTP streams due to outdated embedded CA certificates, increases the boot partition size for new OpenELEC installations to 512MB, and updates the Kodi Isengard DVB add-ons.

There’s now better support for both Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi 2 users thanks to the new libCEC 3.0.1 library, which solves various outstanding issues, along with support for the Cubox-i4pro Bluetooth chipset. Lastly, several Intel Wi-Fi devices are now better support thanks to an important firmware update that resolves networking bugs.

Existing OpenELEC 6.0 users can update their installations by following the instructions provided by the developers. Otherwise, download OpenELEC 6.0.1 for your preferred device right now from the project’s website.

Via Softpedia

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