Linux News Today: FreeBSD 11.0 Up to Release Candidate State, Support for SSH Protocol v1 Removed

The FreeBSD Project, through Glen Barber, had the pleasure of announcing this past weekend the general availability of the first Release Candidate for the upcoming FreeBSD 11.0 operating system, due for release on September 2, 2016.

It appears to us that the development cycle of FreeBSD 11.0 was accelerated a bit, as the RC1 milestone is here just one week after the release of the fourth Beta build. Again, the new snapshot is available for 64-bit (amd64), 32-bit (i386), PowerPC (PPC), PowerPC 64-bit (PPC64), SPARC64, AArch64 (ARM64), and ARMv6 hardware architectures.

“Note regarding arm/armv6 images: For convenience for those without console access to the system, a freebsd user with a password of freebsd is available by default for ssh(1) access. Additionally, the root user password is set to root, which it is strongly recommended to change the password for both users after gaining access to the system,” says Glen Barber.

As for the new features, FreeBSD 11.0 RC1 ships with fixes for a ZFS/VFS deadlock, a NULL pointer dereference in IPSEC, a VESA panic that occurred during suspend operations, a problem with the Google Compute Engine image publication, an AES-ICM heap corruption typo, and a regression in the pf.conf configuration file.

Additionally, it looks like the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol version 1 is no longer supported, a loader tunable, namely hw.pci.enable_pcie_hp, was added to disable PCI-e HotPlug, PCI-e hotplug on bridges that have power controllers was disabled by default, along with OpenSSH DSA keys.

Download FreeBSD 11.0 Release Candidate 1 right now via our website or directly from the operating system’s homepage and take it for a test drive on your personal computer, but don’t forget that’s a pre-release OS.

Via Softpedia

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