Linux News Today: Freeciv 2.5.2 Free Strategy Game Is Inspired by Original Civilization

Freeciv is a free and open source turn-based multiplayer strategy game that resembles and is inspired by the original Civilization series. A new update bringing quite a few fixes has been released for it.

If you really liked the old Civilization games, you’re going to love Freeciv, which also happens to be free and open source. The Freeciv developers took all the features that we loved so many years ago and made them better. They release updates for the game on a constant basis, and they really listen to what the community has to say.

Freeciv has been around for Linux players for quite some time, long before the advent of Steam and other similar services. Now the Linux players have a lot more choices, but even so they won’t find anything that even comes close to the quality and complexity of Freeciv.

Freeciv 2.5.2 is ready for download

As usual, the changelog for the latest version of Freeciv is extensive and it covers a wide range of issues. It’s mostly about bug fixes, but it’s worth updating.

“In Freeciv you compete against several opponents to found cities, use them to support a military and economy, and finally to complete an empire that survives all encounters with its neighbors to emerge victoriously,” reads the official website.

According to the changelog, a spaceship part is no longer lost if the relevant player was not logged into the server during the turn when it was completed, the map generation no longer fails, loading a previously saved game in ‘xz’ format no longer fails, the causes of spurious ‘ghost’ units visible in the client have been fixed, the automatic nation and leader name selection has been repaired, and many other modifications have been implemented.

You can download Freeciv 2.5.2 right now from Softpedia. Please keep in mind that this is the source code and that you will need to compile the game.

Via Softpedia

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