Linux News Today: Gary's Mod and Rust Creator Regrets Having Supported Linux

The creator of Gary’s Mod and Rust, one of the most successful titles on Steam, has said that if he could do it all again, he wouldn’t have supported the Linux platform

Gary Newman is the creator of Gary’s Mod and Rust, and this is not the first time he took a jab at the Linux port and the Linux community. He said on a few other occasions that the Linux port for Gary’s Mod was causing him grief and that it wasn’t worth it. He pretty much said the same thing about Rust on Linux.

Up until now there have been only a few tweets from Gary and not a lot of context for what he was saying, but the latest statement on Twitter was also explained by him on Reddit. He detailed all the issues he had with Linux, and it seems that the community is partly to blame for his issues in this respect.

Shouldn’t have supported Linux

Gary said when Steam for Linux was initially launched in a stable form that he wouldn’t make a Linux version this title. Soon after, Gary’s Mod landed on Linux and the problems started for the developer.

Someone recently said to him on Twitter that the sales for Rust on Linux would be much better if the developers didn’t treat Linux users as second class citizens. Gary replied that if given the choice again, he wouldn’t support Linux. This would have been the end of it, but Gary also went on Reddit and continued the explanations.

“We get a lot of negativity from the linux community because we don’t spend as much time testing on it as we do on Windows. So the obvious conclusion I arrive at is that we’d be better off if we’d have never released for linux. Our attempts to release our games for Linux are shit and aren’t appreciated. That’s made abundantly clear every time one of these posts is made, so what are we doing it for?” he wrote on Reddit.

Unlike Gary’s Mod, which is using the Source engine from Valve, Rust is using Unity. The fact that he doesn’t really test Rust for Linux users is a direct consequence of Valve’s Hardware Surveys which put Linux under 1%.

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