Linux News Today: Gentoo-Based Calculate Linux 15.17 Finally Switches the OS to KDE Plasma 5

Today, May 20, 2016, Calculate Linux developer Alexander Tratsevskiy proudly announced the release and immediate availability for download of Calculate Linux 15.17.

Calculate Linux 15.17 comes four months after the release of the Calculate Linux 15.12 update, which introduced features like Linux kernel 4.2.8, QupZilla as the default web browser, as well as a new GRUB option that could allow users to boot the ISO images of the distribution directly from a HDD.

And it looks like Calculate Linux 15.17 was worth the wait for users of this Russian, Gentoo-based operating system, as it finally switched to the KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment for the main Calculate Linux Desktop edition from the old KDE SC (Software Compilation) 4.x brach that was used in previous releases.

Moreover, Calculate Linux 15.17 has moved to using the Python 3.4 programming language by default for the packages that use Python. The OverlayFS support has been improved as well, allowing users to move and rename files, and it appeares that the XZ compression algorithm is used by default for the kernel, its modules, and initramfs.

Faster XZ compression is available now for PCs with multiple CPUs

Another interesting change implemented in today’s Calculate Linux 15.17 release is faster XZ compression for computers with multiple processors, which means that you’ll be able to compress files and folders using the XZ compression algorithm much faster if you have a modern, multi-core PC.

Starting with Calculate Linux 15.17, stable and testing updates for the operating system will be distributed separately, and it looks like the mirrors have been reorganized, thus providing users with more efficient mirror selection for package updates and system upgrades.

Last but not least, Alexander Tratsevskiy informs Calculate Linux users that the main Git mirror has been finally migrated to the popular GitHub project hosting website, and multiple instances can now be accessed from a special repository called binpkg-multi-instance.

Download Calculate Linux Desktop KDE 15.17, Calculate Linux Desktop MATE 15.17, Calculate Linux Desktop Xfce 15.17, Calculate Directory Server 15.17, Calculate Media Center 15.17, Calculate Linux Scratch 15.17, and Calculate Scratch Server 15.17 right now via our website.

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