Linux News Today: Gentoo-Based Sabayon 16.04 Linux Brings Kernel 4.4.6 LTS and AMD Crimson 15.12

The Sabayon Linux rolling release operating system based on the powerful Gentoo distro has just been updated today, March 28, for the month of April 2016, and new ISO images are now available for download.

Yes, you’re reading it right, Sabayon 16.04 has been officially released and it’s full of goodies, starting with the latest and most advanced Linux 4.4.6 LTS kernel, and continuing with the AMD Crimson 15.12 graphics drivers, as well as lots of bug fixes and enhancements.

As expected, several software packages have been updated to their latest versions at the moment of writing this article, and they’re now included in the Sabayon 16.04 ISOs. Among these, we can mention the Kodi 16.0 media center and Atom 1..6 text editor. The SDDM login manager received some attention too.

“Sabayon 16.04 is a modern and easy to use Linux distribution based on Gentoo, following an extreme, yet reliable, rolling release model,” reads today’s announcement. “This is a major release: contains bugfixes and enhancements to the Sabayon distribution.”

The OpenSSL packages were updated to prevent DROWN attacks

Also new in Sabayon 16.04 is the latest version of the OpenSSL software, which includes a patch to prevent DROWN attacks, and SSLv3 is now disabled by default. Moreover, it looks like the recently announced Calamares 2.2 distribution-agnostic graphical installer is also present in today’s Sabayon 16.04 Live and installation images.

Other than that, the Sabayon Linux development team continues their vision of having a repository system like AUR for Arch Linux, so they’re uring the Sabayon community to contribute package to the new Sabayon Community Repositories (SCR) infrastrcure. Download Sabayon Linux GNOME 16.04, Sabayon Linux KDE 16.04, Sabayon Linux Xfce 16.04, Sabayon Linux Minimal 16.04, and Sabayon Linux SpinBase 16.04.

Via Softpedia

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