Linux News Today: Get Acquainted with the Latest Snapcraft 2 Features on February's Snappy Clinic

Canonical’s Daniel Holbach writes today on his personal blog about the upcoming Snappy Clinic event that will take place in a few days on the Ubuntu on Air YouTube channel of the project.

Last week, we told you about the release of the groundbreaking Snapcraft 2.1 Ubuntu Snappy creator tool, which brought some very attractive new features to the IoT ecosystem. We also discussed the fact that Canonical updated its Ubuntu Snappy Core images for the all-snap architecture with much-needed modifications and optimizations.

“In our next session, Sergio Schvezov is going to talk about what’s new in Snapcraft and the changes in the 2.x series. Be there and you are going to be up-to-date on how to publish your software on Snappy Ubuntu Core. There will be time for questions afterward,” said Daniel Holbach, free software developer and community development manager at Canonical.

Next Snappy Clinic starts February 12, 2016

Therefore, if you would like to learn everything there is to know about the amazing features Canonical’s skilled developers implemented in the Snapcraft 2.x Snappy creation tool, join Daniel Holbach and his team of Snappy devs this Friday, February 12, 2016, starting at 6 pm UTC or 4 pm GMT.

Besides introducing you to the latest features of Snapcraft 2, the Snappy developers will also give free lessons on how to publish your very own snaps on the Snappy Ubuntu Core operating system for embedded and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Of course, there will also be a QA, so make sure that you prepare some interesting questions.

We almost forgot to tell you that the next Snappy Clinic event will be hosted on the Ubuntu on Air YouTube channel of Canonical, so make sure that you bookmark its address right now ( Be there if you want to get acquainted with the latest Snappy technologies!

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