Linux News Today: Get Hand of Fate and Other Cool Linux Games in the Humble "Staff Picks" Bundle

Dear Linux gamers, there’s a new Humble “Staff Picks” Bundle available starting today, June 7, 2016, which brings several awesome games to keep you entertained for a long time.

The bundle includes $111 worth of awesome stuff, such as the 1001 Spikes platform game, Absolute Drift racing game, Snakebird puzzle game, and Hand of Fate action role-playing video game, all of them being available for the GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

You’ll also be able to purchase the Deathtrap tower defense game with strong action-RPG elements and Craft the World unique sandbox strategy game, but they are available only for the Windows and Mac OS X platforms. Additionally, the bundle contains the Viscera Clean-up Detail House of Horror DLC for Windows users.

As usual, the bundle is split in three tires. While for the first tire you’ll be able to pay what you want and get the 1001 Spikes, Absolute Drift, and Snakebird, for the second tire you’ll have to pay more than the average, which right now is $5.72, to get the Hand of Fate and Deathtrap games.

You can also get a $10 off coupon for the Humble Monthly bundle

Hurry up if you want to get the second tire because the price goes up every minute you waste reading the next lines. Of course, for the second tire you’ll need to pay more than $10 to get the Craft the World game and the Viscera Clean-up Detail House of Horror DLC, but they aren’t for Linux gamers.

Are you still here? Well, we just want to inform you about one more thing that the Humble “Staff Picks” Bundle will give you, and that’s a 10% off coupon if you subscribe to the Humble Monthly bundle. Oh, and don’t forget to come back next Tuesday for more awesome games, which you’ll receive for free!

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