Linux News Today: GIMP's GEGL Image Processing Framework Gets Support for FFmpeg 3.0, More

GIMP maintainer Alexandre Prokoudine today announced the release of GEGL 0.3.6, an open-source project that’s used by GIMP, as well as other image editing apps to process images.

For those not in the know, GEGL is short for Generic Graphics Library, and it has been designed from the ground up to act as a graph-based image processing framework. At the moment, GEGL is mainly developed for the GIMP software, which it uses for non-destructive editing, as well as editing of images with higher bit depth.

One of the most important things introduced in the GEGL 0.3.6 release is support for the recently released FFmpeg 3.0 multimedia backend, which is used for saving and loading of video frames. Also, GEGL now includes the port of the Selective Gaussian Blur filter from GIMP, and Saturation, which supports CIE LCH and CIE LAB color spaces.

Among other noteworthy changes in GEGL 0.3.6, we can mention that the dcraw-based operation used for loading of RAW images by default has been disabled and the LibRaw-based operation used instead, it’s now possible to change graph composition and specify properties of operations via CLI (command-line interface).

The ability to zoom in or out at mouse cursor position on scroll wheel events is now part of GEGL 0.3.6, a release that appears to have multiple under-the-hood improvements, such as better copy-on-write handling for the gegl_buffer_clear function, which means that it’s a recommended upgrade for everyone.

Download GEGL 0.3.6 right now via Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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