Linux News Today: Git 2.7.2 Open-Source Distributed Version Control System Adds New Features

The development team of the best free, open-source and cross-platform distributed version control system, Git, which is being used by numerous developers worldwide, have announced the release of Git 2.7.2.

Git 2.7.2 is the second maintenance release in the stable Git 2.7 series, and according to the release notes, which we’ve also attached at the end of the article for reference, it implements various new features to some of the commands, as well as to fix a few bugs reported by users since the previous point release.

Among the changes, we can mention support for CRLF line terminations in the low-level merge machinery, which are used when conflict markers are inserted to CRLF line-terminated merged contents, support for reporting forced push to the “git push –force-with-lease” command, and a fix for an issue with the “git worktree” command.

“”git worktree” had a broken code that attempted to auto-fix possible inconsistency that results from end-users moving a worktree to different places without telling Git (the original repository needs to maintain backpointers to its worktrees, but “mv” run by end-users who are not familiar with that fact will obviously not adjust them), which actually made things worse when triggered,” developers explained.

Tweaks were implemented in the emulated “yes” command

The emulated “yes” command learned some new tricks in Git 27.2, such as the ability to be quick when generating redundant output, which might come in handy to some Windows developers, and the vimdiff backend of the “git mergetool” command can now number and arrange buffers in the order that matches the expectation of most of the developers who read LTR (left to right).

Last but not least, the documentation of the “git clean” command has been improved and it no longer mentions the fact that the .git/modules var WPGroHo = {"my_hash":""};