Linux News Today: Git 2.7 Gets Its First Point Release, Adds over 20 Optimizations and Fixes

The popular Git free, open-source and cross-platform distributed version control system was updated this past weekend to version 2.7.1, and it’s now available for download from the usual channels.

As you might have already guessed, Git 2.7.1 is the first maintenance build in the Git 2.7 series, which was one of the biggest releases of the software, squashing tens of bugs and regressions from previous versions and implementing a whole lot of new features and enhancements.

Therefore, Git 2.7.1 is here to further improve the stability and performance of the software used by millions of developers worldwide, and among the changes, we can notice fixes for the hooks and aliases created by users. Moreover, the “git send-email” command better supports escaped quotes stored in the alias files outputted by the Mutt client.

Documentation updates, more bugfixes

In addition to the changes mentioned above, Git 2.7.1 updates the documentation to highlight the connection between DCO and the ‘–signoff’ option, addresses a segfault in the “git reflog” command, fixes regressions with the ignore mechanism, and updates the “git rebase” command to ignore the exit code from “gc –auto.”

Another regression from Git 2.7 has been fixed, this time related to the recent optimization to the filter-branch, the “git tag” command no longer lists the “foo” tag as “tags/foo,” the authentication parameter got fixed for the “git svn” command, and the “split” subcommand of “git subtree” correctly skips merges.

There are a few more other improvements in this first maintenance release of Git 2.7, so we strongly recommend that you read the changelog attached below if you’re curious to know what exactly has been fixed or optimized. In the meantime, you can download the Git 2.7.1 sources right now via our website.

Via Softpedia

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