Linux News Today: GNOME 3.20.2 Is the Last Update in the Series, GNOME 3.22 Development Continues

Today, May 12, 2016, Frederic Peters has had the great pleasure of announcing the general availability of the last maintenance release of the GNOME 3.20 desktop environment.

Yes, we’re talking about GNOME 3.20.2, the second and last update in the current stable series of the GNOME desktop environment, version 3.20, which was initially announced on March 23, 2016, bringing various tweaks and fixes to most of its core components and applications.

“The latest release of GNOME is here: GNOME 3.20.2,” said Frederic Peters. “This is the second and final release for the 3.20 branch; this update brings many bug fixes and improvements as well as documentation and translation updates. Packages should shortly arrive in your distribution of choice.”

We write about the development cycle of the GNOME desktop environment all the time, so if you’re reading our website on a regular basis, you know by now what major changes have landed in today’s release of GNOME 3.20.2, which was initially expected to launch on May 11, 2016. If not, check out the changelogs for the core components and core apps.

GNOME 3.22 development continues at a fast pace

In the meantime, the GNOME developers are working very hard on implementing many exciting technologies and new capabilities to the next major release of the acclaimed and widely-used GNOME desktop environment, version 3.22.0, which should be unveiled later this year, on September 21.

If development cycle continues at a fast pace, and a second milestone, GNOME 3.21.2, will be available later this month, on May 25. Then, GNOME 3.21.3 should launch on June 22, followed one month later by the fourth snapshot in the upcoming series, GNOME 3.21.4, due for release on July 20. The first Beta of GNOME 3.22 launches August 17, and the second one on August 31. Finally, the RC arrives on September 14.

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