Linux News Today: GNOME Builder App Gets Ready for GNOME 3.20 with More Features in Latest Beta

The first Beta release of the upcoming GNOME 3.20 desktop environment was released a few days ago, but it looks like some of its core apps are late to the party, such as the GNOME Builder software.

GNOME Builder 3.20 has received its first Beta build (version 3.19.90) and we’ve managed to get our hands on the internal release notes to share with you some of the new features that have been implemented.

There were a lot of contributions for this first Beta release, and among the most important changes, we can mention the implementation of a new diagnostic provider for common gettext errors, and support for building inside of a jhbuild runtime.

The application no longer bookmarks known temp folders, which should make it a lot easier to open single files, fixes Dark Mode’s terminal style, along with height for width issues in the preferences layout, and workarounds for recent Vala changes.

“GNOME 3.20 is heating up and so is Builder. We’ve landed a bunch more features for you since 3.19.4 and are ready for more general testing while we stabilize for the upcoming 3.20 release,” developers explain.

Devs can now enable pylint via GNOME Code Assistance

Among other interesting features implemented in GNOME Builder 3.20 Beta 1, we can mention the addition of the User Help framework, new preferences that let developers disable certain diagnostic engines, as well as shared library template and Vim improvements.

The “xdg-app build” command has been implemented to make it possible to build projects inside a xdg-app runtime, the graphical user interface (GUI) received multiple tooltips, and there’s now a configuration manager that lets developers build various project configurations.

Last but not least, it is now possible to enable pylint via GNOME Code Assistance, build Vala and C plugins out of tree, as well as to search for projects in the greeter. The GNOME Builder plugins have been improved with support for removing preferences during unloading.

There are numerous other minor improvements in this first Beta build of GNOME Builder 3.20, so we recommend taking a look at the changelog below for more details. In the meantime, you can download the GNOME Builder 3.20 Beta 1 sources right now via Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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