Linux News Today: GNOME Devs Are Defining a Clear Set of Core Apps for the Desktop Environment

We always bring our readers the latest news from the GNOME Project, and today we have some interesting story to share with you all, especially GNU/Linux operating system vendors.

It would appear that the GNOME developers are currently in the process of revisiting the desktop environment’s moduleset and define a clear set of core apps, which should form the default user experience in upcoming releases of the GNOME desktop (most probably starting with GNOME 3.20, which should be available in Spring 2016).

“On the release-team mailing list, we’ve been revisiting our moduleset definitions, with the goal of defining a clear set of core apps that form the default experience in GNOME, and another set of non-core apps that follow the HIG and are awesome but are not installed by default,” said Michael Catanzaro on one of the announcements.

Cheese is now a core app, Gedit coming soon

At the moment of writing this article, the GNOME developers only managed to announce that the Cheese webcam viewer app has been integrated as a core GNOME app as it is required by the GNOME Control Center, GNOME Initial Setup and GNOME Contacts components, and are in talks with the developers of the Gedit text editor to make it a core app too.

Furthermore, the GNOME Color Manager component will also be pushed to the core apps moduleset, as the GNOME Control Center software requires it. However, the GNOME developers will also define a set of non-core apps, which they don’t recommend GNU/Linux OS vendors to include in their distributions when using the GNOME desktop environment by default.

As soon as we have more details about the process of defining a clear set of core app for the GNOME desktop, we’ll update the article or write a new one if the information is substantial. In the meantime, the GNOME devs are getting ready to release the fourth milestone in the development cycle of the GNOME 3.20 desktop environment, for which we will write an in-depth article later this week.

Via Softpedia

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