Linux News Today: GNU Linux-libre Kernel 4.5 Officially Released for 100% Freedom

Free Software Foundation Latin America (FSFLA) announced on March 14, 2016, the release and availability for download of their Linux-libre 4.5 kernel, for those who want 100% freedom.

The release of the GNU Linux-libre 4.5 kernel arrives two days after Linus Torvalds’ announcement for Linux kernel 4.5, a release that introduces a bunch of new attractive features, updated drivers, and many under-the-hood improvements.

GNU Linux-libre kernel 4.4 is, of course, based on the upstream freely distributed sources of the Linux 4.5 kernel, but deblobbing some of the included drivers, such as Qualcomm WCNSS SOC, qat_c62x, qat_c3xxx, goodix touchscreen, and adf7242.

Furthermore, the deblobbing of Nouveau, Radeon, Skylake sound, and XHCI rcar drivers has been updated, and various adjustments were applied to parts of code from the upstream kernel, in particular in the wireless networking drivers area.

Who is the GNU Linux-libre 4.5 kernel for?

The GNU Linux-libre project was created a long time ago with the intention of giving people a 100% free version of the upstream Linux kernel, suitable for use in operating systems that follow Free Software Foundation’s GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines.

By default, the GNU Linux-libre kernel is designed from the offset to be compatible with the GNU Operating System, but you’re free to use it with your GNU/Linux operating system, whether you are a developer creating a new Linux kernel-based OS or a user who wants total freedom.

If you are interested in the GNU Linux-libre project and you want to deploy it on your operating system, our suggestion is to read the official Wiki found at, and download the source package of GNU Linux-libre kernel 4.5 right now via our website.

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