Linux News Today: GNU Midnight Commander 4.8.17 Improves Syntax Highlighting for Java and F90

The GNU Midnight Commander cross-platform and open-source visual file manager received a new maintenance release, version 4.8.17, bringing various new capabilities and improvements to existing functionality.

According to the release notes, GNU Midnight Commander 4.8.17 improves the syntax highlighting for the Java and F90 (Fortran 90) programming languages, implements centered scrolling for the file panel, and adds performance improvements to the copy and move operations by using adaptive buffer.

Starting with version 4.8.17, Midnight Commander requires Gettext 0.18.1 or higher, recognizes C shell (csh) as Tcsh, adopts the new high-level mouse API (Application Programming Interface), drops the executable bit from FISH helpers, and supports more common file formats for the file highlights functionality.

Code cleanup and bug fixes

The rest of the changes implemented in the GNU Midnight Commander 4.8.17 release are fixes and workaround for various segfault reported by users from the previous version of the software when copying file on FreeBSD 9.3 operating systems, when entering into a cpio archive, or due to wrong SHELL variable values.

The VFS (Virtual File System) implementation received bug fixes as well, for a buffer overflow and wrong date parsing in unzip for extfs, an issue with the syntax error for patchfs, and mistakes in the ls Perl helper for FISH. Moreover, mc.keymap is now installed as a symlink to mc.default.keymap, and a lot of code has been cleaned up a bit.

Last but not least, the position of the subshell cursor will no longer be lost after resizing a window, and the subshell output won’t get lost during window resize under GNU Screen or tmux. Also, it looks like the listbox has been updated to no longer scroll when it is dragged outside the widget. Download Midnight Commander 4.8.17 right now via our website.

Via Softpedia

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