Linux News Today: Gorgeous Apricity OS Gets Its First Stable Release, Based on Arch Linux

Apricity OS maintainer Alex Gajewski has proudly informed Softpedia about the availability of the first stable release of his gorgeous Arch Linux-based computer operating system.

Dubbed “Aspen,” Apricity OS 07.2016 has been declared the first-ever stable release of the popular and beautifully designed GNU/Linux distribution, which is currently distributed in two flavors, with the GNOME and Cinnamon desktop environments, both supporting 64- and 32-bit hardware architectures.

Shipping with some of the latest software versions and a kernel from the Linux 4.6 series, Apricity OS 07.2016 Aspen features numerous improvements and new features, compared to previous releases. Among these, we can mention full-disk encryption support using LUKS, a more stable installer, as well as better touchpad support.

“Apricity OS just released its first-ever stable release! This month we’re also introducing Freezedry, an online build service that allows people to create and install their own custom versions of Apricity, and share their designs with the world. Thanks for all your support,” says Alex Gajewski in the email sent to Softpedia HQ.

Introducing Apricity Freezedry

As part of the stable Apricity OS 07.2016 Aspen release, the Apricity OS Team is also extremely happy to announce Apricity OS 07.2016 Dev, a development edition that includes Apricity Freezedry, an in-house built tool that lets anyone build their very own GNU/Linux distribution based on Apricity OS.

Users will be able to configure many aspects of the operating system, including various GNOME and Cinnamon settings, system themes, the systemd services that will be enabled at startup, what packages are installed, as well as the enabled Vim plugins that are being installed through Pathogen.

Of course, that’s possible only because the Apricity Freezedry tool is built with modules that are in charge of controlling a particular aspect of the GNU/Linux operating system you’re building. Apricity OS 07.2016 Aspen and Apricity OS 07.2016 Dev are available for download right now via our website.

Via Softpedia

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