Linux News Today: Gorgeous Apricity OS Gets New Beta, to Include GNOME 3.20 in Next Month's Beta

Softpedia has been informed earlier by Apricity OS maintainer Alex Gajewski about the immediate availability for download of a new Beta build of the gorgeous Linux kernel-based operating system.

New Apricity OS 02.2016 Beta Live ISO images are now available for download for early adopters and those who want to taste something different from the usual Ubuntu, Solus, or openSUSE Tumbleweed operating systems, or anything else that’s trendy these days.

The February Beta of Apricity OS Linux adds a significant amount of new features, among which we can mention the implementation of the recently released Calamares 2.0 distribution-independent graphical installer, which promises to improve the overall stability of the entire installation process, as well as support for low-end machines, especially those that have under 1GB RAM.

“We just uploaded the February Betas. This will be a really big release in which we’ve upgraded a bunch of programs (including the installer), fixed lots of bugs, added a couple wallpapers, and, of course, built a brand new Cinnamon edition,” says Alex Gajewski for Softpedia. “Also, we’ll probably be including GNOME 3.20 in the March release.”

GNOME 3.20 to come in the next Beta of Apricity OS

Besides the Calamares 2.0 installer framework and the new RAM requirements, Apricity OS 02.2016 Beta updates a lots of core components and applications, among which we can mention the Nautilus file manager with Google Drive support, as well as the Pamac graphical package manager with several new features and support for Arch Linux’s Pacman 5.0.

Additionally, the Totem Video Player got a new release from the upstream GNOME Stack, bringing support for more codecs, and the Terminal app has been updated with better transparency. Apricity OS’ Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) implementation was also updated to support the latest devices. Download Apricity OS 02.2016 Beta Live ISO images right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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