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The Cub Linux (previously Chromixium OS) developers have just announced on their Twitter account that the RC (Release Candidate) build of the upcoming 1.0 version of the operating system is available for download.

Before we tell you what goodies have been shipped with the first Release Candidate builds of Cub Linux 1.0, we would like to remind those of you who are not in the loop that, earlier this year, the team announced the rename of the project to Cub Linux from Chromixium OS at the request of Google’s Trademark Enforcement Team.

The Chromixium OS devs were asked, at the point in time, by Google, to cease the use of the name “Chromixium” for their GNU/Linux operating system because of infringement, despite the fact that Google doesn’t yet use that name on any of its projects.

Now back to the Cub Linux 1.0 Release Candidate, it looks like the Linux kernel 4.2 has been implemented, along with an updated graphics stack from the Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) operating system, as well as all the new branding (artwork, icons and theme) to reflect the new name of the project.

“Now released for 32 and 64 bit. Please use 64 bit for EFI and secure boot systems. Use 32 bit for low RAM and 32 bit only processors. Google Chrome and Adobe Flash are only available in the 64 bit image,” the devs have explained. “The testing period is short as the deadline for the discontinuation of Chromixium OS is 31 March 2016.”

A dedicated Cub Linux repos is now available

As part of the Cub Linux 1.0 Release Candidate launch, the developers published a dedicated software repository for pushing updates to some of the in-house built packages. Also, a few interface tweaks are present, such as Chromium OS-style avatars, new window edge snapping, and better brightness and volume controls.

Compton is the desktop compositor and it can be configured via the ~/.config/compton.conf file, which is recommended if you have screen tearing issues with your graphics card. The software selection also suffered modifications, as Parole media player has been removed, Viewnior is the default image viewer, and Clipboard daemon enabled.

Because Parole is now gone, users will have to make video movies with the Chrome Media Player, and listen to their favorite song with a new dedicated audio player. Last but not least, the Chromium default apps and theme have been enabled in this release for each new profile, and the Grub Bootloader Manager added in the Control Panel.

Download Cub Linux 1.0 Release Candidate right now from our website!

Chromium App Launcher

Chromium App Launcher

File manager

File manager

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