Linux News Today: GParted Live 0.25.0-1 Is Based on Debian Sid, Linux Kernel 4.3.3, and GParted 0.25.0

After only two days from the release of the GParted 0.25.0 open-source and free partition editor software, Curtis Gedak informs users about the immediate availability for download of GParted Live 0.25.0-1.

As you might know, GParted Live is an open source project based on the GParted utility, thus allowing users to have a portable USB flash drive that can be used to partition disk drives on the go. GParted Live 0.25.0-1 is the second Live CD, after SystemRescueCD 4.7.1, to include GParted 0.25.0.

Powered by Linux kernel 4.3.3-5, the latest release, GParted Live 0.25.0-1, has been fully synchronized with the upstream Debian GNU/Linux Sid (Unstable) software repository as of January 19, 2016.

However, due to a change in the Debian Sid repos, the GParted Live 0.25.0-1 release is the first to replace the regular i586 Live ISO image with an i686 one, but it should not affect many of you out there.

“The GParted team is proud to announce a new stable release of GParted Live,” said Curtis Gedak in the announcement. “This release of GParted Live has been successfully tested on VirtualBox, VMware, BIOS, UEFI, and physical computers with AMD/ATI, NVidia, and Intel graphics.”

Here’s what’s new in GParted 0.25.0

With this occasion, we would like to inform you that GParted 0.25.0 brought features like a progress bar for various EXT2, EXT3, EXT4 and NTFS operations, as well as improved Linux Software RAID member detection and file system clearing.

Users are also being informed by the GParted Live team that if they do not see the mouse cursor while running the GParted tool, they need use the menu key to open a new terminal window. More details can be found here.

You can download GParted Live 0.25.0-1 right now from our website, where you will find three Live ISO images, one for each of the supported hardware architectures (32-bit, 32-bit PAE, and 64-bit).

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