Linux News Today: Grab Six Awesome Linux Games for a Few Bucks with Humble Devolver Bundle

Hooray, hooray! Attention, Linux gamers from all over the Interwebs, there’s a new Humble Bundle out there that brings you six awesome games for your penguin-powered OS, and you only need to pay a few bucks for them.

Humble Devolver Bundle is now live, and it contains a total of eight titles that are supported on various platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux. However, only six of them are available for your Linux box, which is a very good proportion if you ask us.

And the best part is that the whole package of games will cost you only a few bucks, despite the fact that it is worth about $139 (€122). But let’s have a closer look at the buying options, as for only a dollar ($1), you can have the Gods Will Be Watching, RONIN, and A Fistful of Gun (Windows only) titles.

Then, if you pay more than the average price, which right now is $4.44, you’ll also unlock the Shadow Warrior Special Edition, Dropsy, and NOT A HERO games, along with a coupon for 50% off for The Talos Principle game, which you can purchase from the Humble Store.

Lastly, if you feel rich today, you can pay the sum of $10 to also receive the Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star and Titan Souls (Windows and Mac only) games. So are you still here reading this? Go get your games right now before the average price goes too high for you to afford. Have a lot of fun!

Oh, we almost forgot to tell you that more games are coming to this bundle next Tuesday!

Via Softpedia

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