Linux News Today: GTK+ 3.20.1 Released for GNOME 3.20 with Improvements to the Drawing Performance

Now that the GNOME 3.20 desktop environment has been released with all its updated components and core apps, including the GTK+ 3.20 GUI (Graphical User Interface) toolkit, the time has come for the project’s developers to fix some bugs.

You didn’t think that if a software project reaches a stable version, it is bug-free, did you? Of course not, and that’s why today we would like to inform you about the first maintenance release of the GTK+ 3.20 toolkit for the recently introduced GNOME 3.20 desktop environment.

GTK+ 3.20.1 was released on March 25, 2016, and as usual, we have managed to get our hands on the internal changelog, which has been attached at the end of the article for reference. It seems that it fixes a total of fourteen bugs reported by users or discovered by the team of developers behind the GTK+ project since the release of GTK+ 3.20.

But before we tell you what issues have been resolved, there’s a new feature added to this first point release of GTK+ 3.20, a :checked state for all the active GtkSwitch widgets, which they’ll use to match GtkToggleButton. Back to the fixes, we can notice that the drawing performance has been improved, and GTK+ now looks for themes in XDG folders.

An image-button class has been added to search button of a GtkShortcutsWindow, and the GTK_PRINT_OPERATION_RESULT_ERROR value is now returned even if error == NULL. Moreover, the squiggly underline property is now properly removed, fixed values are no longer used for widgets size in the foreign drawing demo, and there’s better support for HiDPI/Retina displays.

Fixes, fixes, and more fixes

In addition to the changes mentioned above, the first maintenance release of GTK+ 3.20 also fixes a couple of issues with the recently improved HighContrast theme, such as to make the “ON” text of a GtkSwitch black, the .dnd styleclass is no longer used, the gdkdevice-wayland.c file has been cleaned up a little, and various glitches in the menu scroll arrow rendering have been fixed.

Last but not least, the warnings that occurred during GtkStack size_allocate have been fixed. Then, of course, there’s no maintenance release of a the GTK+ toolkit without some updated languages, and GTK+ 3.20.1 adds improvements to the Basque, Slovak, Swedish, Bulgarian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Galician, Greek, and Danish ones. Download the GTK+ 3.20.1 sources right now from our website.

Via Softpedia

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