Linux News Today: GTK+ 3.20.2 GUI Toolkit Released to Fix Strange Blue Background in Emacs Windows

The GTK+ open-source GUI (Graphical User Interface) toolkit has been updated today, March 31, 2016, to version 3.20.2, the second maintenance release in the stable 3.20 series of the software heavily used in the GNOME 3.20 desktop environment.

According to the internal changelog, available in the source archive and attached at the end of this article, today’s GTK+ 3.20.2 release fixes an issue with the blue background in Emacs windows, as well as a performance problem with excessive redraws.

Several bugs reported by users since GTK+ 3.20.1 have been resolved, including a UI glitch that occurred when attempting to enter keyboard shortcuts, typos in the gtk_window_set_geometry_hints documentation, and the implementation of the show_window_menu() function for GDK W32.

Additionally, on GDK W32, hidden layered windows are now being erased before they’re displayed, menu-traditional no longer places a popover beneath the text editor widget, and the “suggested-action” of the HighContrastInverse theme will no longer appear in white on lightgrey.

Last but not least, various language translations have been updated in GTK+ 3.20.2, including Dutch, Thai, Italian, Lithuanian, Serbian, and German. You can download the GTK+ 3.20.2 sources right now from our website and compile the software for your GNU/Linux distribution, or wait for the update to arrive in the main repositories.

Via Softpedia

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