Linux News Today: GTK+ 3.20.4 GUI Toolkit Introduces More Wayland Improvements, Adwaita Fixes

The GNOME Project is preparing to unleash the second and last planned maintenance update of the GNOME 3.20 desktop environment, version 3.20.2, due for release later today, May 11, 2016.

As with any new point release of the GNOME desktop environment, many of the core components and applications are being updated to fix bugs and annoyances reported by users since the previous milestones, as well as to add various improvements. The GTK+ open-source GUI toolkit is one of those components, and it has been updated to version 3.20.4.

As usual, we managed to get our hands on the internal changelog of GKT+ 3.20.4, which you can access below, to tell you what has been changed in the new version. And it looks like the GTK+ devs were pretty busy lately, as they have resolved a total of 37 reported bugs, among which many of them are for the next-generation Wayland display server.

For example, the Fn key on laptops will no longer reset scrolling, Glade previewer won’t crash GNOME Shell anymore by resizing windows, the hover state will no longer remain stuck after moving the mouse from the toplevel, and dialogs that don’t have a transient parent will no longer crash the GTK+ Inspector.

More Wayland changes, various other bugfixes

There are more Wayland improvements implemented in GTK+ 3.20.4, such as the ability to avoid jitter in keyboard repeat, fixes to Inspector’s GtkLabel drag and drop functionality, better support for the “Super” keybindings, a fix for a keyboard focus issue that occurred during dismiss of menus, better scrolling, and the ability for the map_virtual_modifiers() function to leave existing mods.

GTK+ 3.20.4 comes with numerous other small improvements and bug fixes for the Adwaita GTK theme, window decorations, the gtk_tree_model_iter_parent() function, as well as the GtkRecentManager, GtkMenuSectionBox, GtkApplication, GtkColorChooser, GtkTextHandle, CellRendererText, GtkProgressBar, GtkScale, GtkRedioButton, and GtkCheckButton widgets.

Lastly, the Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Polish, and Latvian language translation have been updated. As mentioned, GTK+ 3.20.4 will be distributed later today as part of the GNOME 3.20.2 desktop environment point release, but you can download its sources right now via our website. Please check the changelog below for more details about the bugfixes implemented in GTK+ 3.20.4.

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