Linux News Today: GTK+ 3.20 Toolkit to Include the Windows Theme on All Platforms

A new milestone towards the GTK+ 3.20 open-source and cross-platform GUI (Graphical User Interface) toolkit has been released earlier, February 17, 2016, advancing the development cycle of the software.

GTK+ 3.19.9 is now ready for public testing, and according to the internal changelog, which you can find attached at the end of the article, the project’s development managed to add several improvements and fix numerous bugs since the previously released snapshot.

Release highlights include support for the rem unit and calc() expressions, support for previewing .ui files that include custom CSS changes in the GTK Builder tool, multiple improvements to the Adwaita theme, which is used by default on the GNOME desktop environment, and the inclusion of the Windows theme on all platforms.

The GTK3 Demo (gtk3-demo) utility has been updated as well, this time with support for demoing the saving of window sizes in the application example. Additionally, the foreign drawing example of gtk3-demo now includes even more widgets.

The Classic and XP themes were dropped from the Windows build

There are some interesting changes in GTK+ 3.19.9 for the Microsoft Windows platform, as the developers decided that the time has come to drop the XP and Classic themes from the upcoming GTK+ 3.20 version, which launches in late March 2016, alongside the GNOME 3.20 desktop environment.

The Windows theme that remained in the package will be improved to support the latest CSS nodes. Lastly, an important buffer leak has been fixed in GTK+ 3.19.9 for the Wayland display server, and there’s also a patch for an issue with the retrieval of images from clipboard for Quartz.

There are, of course, numerous other small bug fixes and translation updates in this new milestone for GTK+ 3.20, so we recommend reading the changelog below for all those juicy details. In the meantime, early adopters can download the GTK+ 3.19.9 sources right now via Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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