Linux News Today: IPFire 2.17 Open Source Linux Firewall OS Gets OpenSSL 1.0.2f and OpenSSH 7.1p2

The IPFire development team announced last evening the immediate availability for download or update of the IPFire 2.17 Core Update 97 Linux kernel-based firewall distribution.

According to the release notes, IPFire 2.17 Core Update 97 is here to include the recently released OpenSSL and OpenSSH security fixes. As such, the firewall operating system now includes the OpenSSH 7.1p2 and OpenSSL 1.0.2f packages, so you are urged to update your installation as soon as possible.

“Another OpenSSL security fix has been released, which is shipped in this Core Update among some other security vulnerabilities. As this is a rather urgent update, we recommend to install it as soon as possible. We also recommend rebooting after the update has been installed,” developers explained.

While the OpenSSL 1.0.2f security fix promises to patch a vulnerability that could have allowed an attacker to exploit the Diffie-Hellman key exchange and decrypted connections, as well as an issue with the deactivation of various SSLv2 ciphers, the OpenSSH 7.1p2 update patches an information leak flaw in the OpenSSH client.

All users of the IPFire 2.17 distribution should update their installations immediately to the Core Update 97 release. Please note that the SSH daemon will be restarted during the update process, but a reboot is also recommended. New users can download the IPFire 2.17 Core Update 97 ISO image right now via Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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