Linux News Today: KDE Announces the First Public Release of Their Kirigami UI Framework for Mobile

Today, August 10, 2016, KDE’s Thomas Pfeiffer has had the great honor of announcing the availability of the first public release of the Kirigami UI (User Interface) framework for building mobile and convergent applications.

Work on the Kirigami user interface framework started back in March 2016, when the KDE development team announced their plans for creating one of the most powerful and sophisticated tool that would allow application developers to build cross-platform Qt-based apps for mobile platforms.

It took more than a four months for KDE to announce the first public release of Kirigami, but starting today, if you are a developer interested in trying out KDE’s newest UI framework to design and create the most modern and advanced mobile applications that will run on all major operating systems, including iOS and Android, you can download the Kirigami 1.0.1 release right now.

“This framework allows Qt developers to easily create applications that run on most major mobile and desktop platforms without modification (though adapted user interfaces for different form-factors are supported and recommended for optimal user experience),” says Thomas Pfeiffer. “It extends the touch-friendly Qt Quick Controls with larger application building blocks, following the design philosophy laid out in the Kirigami Human Interface Guidelines.”

Not just a a set of components

The Kirigami UI framework is now just a collection of tools designed for Qt app developers to build cross-platform projects, but a philosophy to define precise user interface and user experience patterns. KDE was always known for giving application developers the latest and most advanced technologies and GUI (Graphical User Interface) toolkits for designing and deploying apps across multiple platforms.

With Kirigami, you can quickly and easily build intuitive and consistent applications that not only work on all major mobile platforms, but also offer a great user experience. Kirigami is designed from the offset to let you create not only apps for smartphones, but applications for tablets and form factors, which some of you know as convergent apps. For more details, please take a look at the gallery below.

Kirigami UI example

Kirigami UI example

Via Softpedia

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