Linux News Today: KDE Frameworks 5.23.0 Adds Many KWayland and Plasma Framework Improvements

Today, June 13, 2016, KDE has had the great pleasure of announcing the release and general availability of this month’s KDE Frameworks 5 maintenance update, version 5.23.0.

Being available for KDE’s latest KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment and KDE Applications software suite, KDE Frameworks 5.23.0 contains numerous improvements and bug fixes in many areas, thus offering KDE developers a better collection of add-ons for the Qt5 GUI toolkit.

As usual, KDE announces a new version of the KDE Framework collection of now over 70 add-on libraries to Qt every month on at the end of the second week. And the fact of the matter is that we were expecting to see the KDE Frameworks 5.23.0 release this past weekend, but it looks like it has been delayed for a day or two.

What’s new in KDE Frameworks 5.23.0

According to the changelog, KDE Frameworks 5.23.0 appears to be more about bug fixes and improvements than new features, and among the areas that received enhancements, we can mention KWayland, Plasma Framework, Breeze and Oxygen icons, Baloo, Attica, KActivities, KCMUtils, KConfigWidgets, KConfig, KCoreAddons, and KDeclarative.

Moreover, the KCrash, KConfigWidgets, KDE Doxygen Tools, Framework integration, KDELibs 4 support, KDocTools, KEmoticons, KHTML, KIconThemes, KInit, KIO, KJobWidgets, KNewStuff, KNotification, KNotifyConfig, KService, KTextEditor, KUnitConversion, KWallet Framework, KWidgetsAddons, KWindowSystem, KXMLGUI, and NetworkManagerQt components were improved as well.

Our tech-savvy readers interested in the changes implemented by the KDE developers in today’s KDE Frameworks 5.23.0 release should check out the official release notes. Everyone else is invited to update their KDE installations to KDE Frameworks 5.23.0 as soon as the new version arrives in the main software repositories of your GNU/Linux operating system.

Detailed installation instructions on how to compile the latest KDE Framework sources on various Linux kernel-based operating system has been provided on the official announcement (link above), where you can also find all the details you need to start contributing to this amazing open source project.

Via Softpedia

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