Linux News Today: Kodi 16 "Jarvis" Media Center Gets Its First Point Release, Brings Bug Fixes

The Kodi Project, through Martijn Kaijser, was happy to announce earlier today, April 24, 2016, the general availability of the first point release of the Kodi 16 “Jarvis” open-source media center.

After being in development for the past two months, during which time it received two RC (Release Candidate) builds, Kodi 16.1 “Jarvis” is here to fix many of the bugs and annoyances reported by users since Kodi 16, as well as to add various small improvements here and there.

“It should be ok to just install this on top of your current Kodi 16.0 version without uninstalling previous version. For the MySQL users out there; we never bump the database versions in our bugfix or maintenance releases – you can safely keep using it within your network,” reads today’s announcement.

Here’s what’s new in Kodi 16.1

Release highlights of Kodi 16.1 include the ability to no longer cache add-ons directories, multiple DirectX rendering improvements, video chapters will no longer be skipped if only one chapter is available, the missing library has been added to the Android package, and a typo was fixed when calculating the forced ratio size.

Moreover, it looks like that /mnt/runtime path is now ignored for the AndroidStorageProvider to improve the overall performance. Many under-the-hood fixes landed in Kodi 16.1 to greatly improve the opening the EPG guide window, which should now be with up to 20 percent faster.

As mentioned before, there are a lot of other small bug fixes implemented in the Kodi 16.1 “Jarvis” point release, so please check the changelog attached at the end of the article if you want to know exactly what has been changed. Kodi 16.1 is a recommended update for all user of Kodi 16 “Jarvis” so please upgrade as soon as possible.

Via Softpedia

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