Linux News Today: Kodi Media Hub Is Being Ported for Steam Link

Valve launched the Steam Link SDK and opened the platform for developers. A Kodi port for Steam Link is already in the works.

One of the first thing that have been suggested when the Steam Link SDK was release by Valve was a Kodi port and it made sense. Since the Steam Link is a farily powerful device, Kodi is the perfect media hub that can be ported for that architecture. In fact, Kodi already works on ARM devices, so it’s a not a big stretch.

A developer named Sam Lantinga wrote on the Steam forums that he’s working on a Kodi port for Steam Link and he already made an upload on Github. From the looks of it, he still has some issues to figure out, but there shouldn’t be any major problems for him to finish the process.

“I took a quick stab at building Kodi in the examples/kodi branch. It doesn’t link yet, but it has a bunch of the dependencies set up and needed tweaks for the build scripts. Feel free to play around and submit pull requests!” Sam wrote on Steam.

Making Kodi available is just the first project that has landed with the help of the Steam Link SDK from Valve, but there are probably more on their way. You can check the original report to find out more about Steam Link SDK.

Via Softpedia

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