Linux News Today: Krita 3.0 Open-Source Digital Painting Tool Lands May 1, First Alpha Is Out Now

Krita Foundation’s Scott Petrovic was glad to inform us via an e-mail announcement about the immediate availability for download of the first Alpha build of the upcoming Krita 3.0 open-source digital painting software.

After being in development for the past three months or so, Krita 3.0 is finally in the Alpha stages of development, bringing many new features since the third Pre-Alpha release announced in mid-March, such as support for moving multiple selected layers simultaneously, support for moving masks using the Ctrl+Page Up/Page Down keys.

Krita 3.0 Alpha has been rebased on the latest Qt 5 and the KDE Framework 5 libraries, it has been updated to G’MIC 1.7, updates the design templates, and removes the Print and Print Preview options because printing never worked as expected, and after the application was completely ported to Qt 5, printing support was broken beyond repair.

“On the road to Krita 3.0, we’re releasing today the first alpha version,” said Scott Petrovic on behalf of the Krita Foundation. “This has all the features that will be in 3.0, and contains the translations, but is still unstable. We’re fixing bugs all the time, but there’s still plenty to fix! The final release is planned for May 1st.”

Krita 3.0 final release lands May 1, 2016

The final release of the Krita 3.0 application will land in exactly three weeks from the moment of writing this article, on May 1, 2016, with cool new features like tools for creatng hand-drawn animations, a revamped layer panel, support for saving and loading of GIMP brushes, grids, guides, rulers, and snapping.

Krita 3.0 will also come with the Instant Preview feature, which might come in handy to digital artists working with large canvases and huge brushes. But there will also be tons of UI (User Interface) and usability improvements that will make Krita 3.0 an worthy upgrade from the Krita 2.9 series.

Download Krita 3.0 Alpha for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Krita 3.0 UI improvements

Krita 3.0 UI improvements

Via Softpedia

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