Linux News Today: Lennart Poettering Announces systemd.conf 2016 for September 28 – October 1

Lennart Poettering, the creator of the systemd project, an advanced init system and service manager for GNU/Linux operating systems, has had the great pleasure of announcing the second systemd conference event.

Dubbed systemd.conf 2016, the event will take place later this year, between September 28 and October 1, in Berlin, Germany. As always, the event is targeted mainly at systemd developers, hackers, and collaborators, as well as DevOps professionals and Linux distribution packagers.

There, you will be able to attend various workshops, as well as to meet and collaborate with your fellow developers, planning on the future of the systemd project, adding new features, improving existing ones, as well as to hunt and squash the annoying bugs.

“After our successful first conference 2015 we’d like to repeat the event in 2016 for the second time,” says Lennart Poettering in today’s announcement. “The event is a few days before LinuxCon Europe, which also is located in Berlin this year. This year, the conference will consist of two days of presentations, a one-day hackfest and one day of hands-on training sessions.”

What you need to know about systemd.conf 2016

The systemd.conf 2016 event is the second of its kind, and it will be held at betahaus in Berlin for four days, during which attendees can participate in all sorts of hands-on training sessions and workshops. You will need to register for the event via it’s official website, where you can already purchase tickets at early-bird prices.

In six years, the systemd project has managed to attract the attention of all GNU/Linux distribution maintainers, who have adopted the next-generation init system for their operating systems. systemd is considered a drop-in replacement for the old-school Upstart or SysV init systems. The latest stable version of systemd is 229.

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