Linux News Today: Linux AIO Passes the 200,000 Downloads Mark, Celebrates with a Zorin 11 Live ISO

We have just been informed by Željko Popivoda from the Linux AIO project that they’ve passed the 200,000 downloads mark and, in celebration of the event, released a Live ISO image for the Zorin OS 11 distro.

The announcement comes as great news for the Linux community, and we would like to congratulate the Linux AIO team for providing us with updated and unique Live ISO images that contain the most popular flavors of many GNU/Linux distributions.

“Linux AIO Zorin 11 is out, and we reached 200.000+ downloads! It couldn’t be done without your and Softpedia’s support. Thank you!,” said Željko Popivoda in an email announcement received at the Softpedia HQ.

Announcing the Linux AIO Zorin 11 Live ISO

The second part of today’s announcement from the Linux AIO team is about the release of the Linux AIO Zorin 11 Live ISO image, which contains the Zorin OS 11 Core 64-bit, Zorin OS 11 Core 32-bit, and Zorin OS 11 Lite 32-bit flavors.

Users can download the Linux AIO Zorin 11 Live ISO image, write it to a USB flash drive, and use it wherever they go to showcase and, eventually, install the Core or Lite edition of the Zorin OS 11 operating system of PCs or laptops.

The Linux AIO Zorin 11 Live image also contains two useful utilities that let you check the memory of a computer for errors, as well as to verify the hardware compatibility of the respective system before attempting to install Zorin OS 11 on it.

Unfortunately, the Linux AIO team does not provide UEFI support for their Live ISO images. However, it remains one of the most useful projects for the entire Linux community, despite this minor inconvenience.

Download Linux AIO Zorin 11 right now from our website.

Linux AIO Zorin OS 11

Linux AIO Zorin OS 11

Via Softpedia

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