Linux News Today: Linux Lite's Devs Invite Ubuntu and Debian Users to Install the Latest Kernels

Softpedia has been informed by Linux Lite project maintainer Jerry Bezencon about the availability of the latest Linux kernel branches in the repositories of the Ubuntu-based operating system.

According to Mr. Bezencon, the Linux Lite project is producing up to date Linux kernel packages for Linux Lite, Debian GNU/Linux, and Ubuntu distributions. If you’re using Linux Lite on your personal computer, you might be already running the latest Linux 4.7 kernel version, but it looks like these kernel packages from the Linux Lite repositories work well on Debian and Ubuntu Linux OSes.

“Linux Lite has been producing up to date, well supported Linux Kernels since version 3.13 of the Linux Kernel. We invite people from across the Debian and Ubuntu based communities to freely access our Linux Kernels. We’ve noticed there are no other Debian and Ubuntu based distributions offering access to the latest Linux Kernels packaged in .deb format, but that there is a common demand for this,” says Jerry Bezencon.

With a total of sixteenth Linux kernel versions produced to date, the Linux Lite team promise you free access to their up-to-date kernel repository, the latest mainline stable kernel, and both kernel-headers and linux-image packages. All the available kernels are well-tested before release, which usually happens on the same day with the upstream Linux kernel releases.

Here’s how to install the latest Linux kernel in Debian or Ubuntu

Those of you who want to run the latest Linux kernel version on their Debian GNU/Linux or Ubuntu distribution can access the repository page at and download the respective kernel packages. Save all files in a single folder, open a terminal emulator in that folder, and run the following command to install the kernel. Reboot your OS now!

sudo dpkg -i linux-*.deb

Via Softpedia

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