Linux News Today: Linux Mint Users Need Not Worry About the "New Look and Feel," Devs Say

In the first days of 2016, we reported the fact that this year will be an exciting one for Linux Mint users, as project leader Clement Lefebvre revealed the fact that there might be a new look and feel for the upcoming distribution.

As expected, the story received many comments from upset Linux Mint users who didn’t want a major redesign of their favorite computer operating system, as the devs failed at providing any additional details about what exactly they are planning on changing for the looks and feel of both the Cinnamon and MATE flavors of the upcoming Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” release.

Therefore, Clement Lefebvre started this month’s newsletter by explaining to Linux Mint users that they need not worry about the “new look and feel” situation, as they don’t have any major redesign plans for the next version of the operating system, Linux Mint 18, which should be available later this year, based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus).

“People who enjoyed Linux Mint years ago still enjoy it nowadays. If you enjoy it now, chances are you’ll enjoy it still for a long time. You’re here because you enjoy it right now, we know that, we enjoy it too, and we’ve no intention of being anything else. So, in the context of that ‘new look and feel’, we’re not trying to reinvent ourselves,” said Clement Lefebvre.

The new theme will be modern and professional

In the lengthy article, the Linux Mint developer reassures users that the “new look and feel” will be based on their precious feedback. For starters, the development team plans on adding new icons and a new desktop theme, but nothing that you wouldn’t enjoy. Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” will boast a modern and professional look with subtle hints of colors and without looking flashy and minimalistic.

Basically, it will resemble the look and feel of the Mint-X theme, which they’re committed to supporting, but a bit different and more modern. In conclusion, if you’re using and loving Linux Mint, you will do so from now on, and need not worry, Mint-X will be one click away from bringing the old-school look of Linux Mint 17 to your new Linux Mint 18 operating system.

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