Linux News Today: LinuxFest Northwest 2016 Takes Place April 23-24, in Bellingham, WA, US

We have some great news for our Linux readers living in the US, as the upcoming LinuxFest Northwest 2016 event is taking place next week, between April 23-24, in Bellingham, WA.

For those of you not in the known, LinuxFest Northwest is an annual event, targeted at novice, intermediate, and advanced Open Source and Linux enthusiasts, that usually takes place on the last weekend of the month of April, in Bellingham, Washington, United States of America (USA).

There, you will be able to attend various exhibits and presentations of open source and free projects, including GNU/Linux operating systems and applications. In only two days, the Fest includes sessions that cover numerous areas of interest for novice and professional Linux users alike.

Among these, we can mention community building, DevOps, Postgres, security and privacy, databases, navigating Linux, open hardware, programming, legal and licensing, and even geek lifestyle. The entire schedule for all the accepted sessions is available to the public on the event’s official website.

The good news is that registrations are now open and free to anyone willing to attend the event. If you’re living in the US and you want to learn Linux or just keep up with the latest trends in Open Source, we recommend that you attent LinuxFest Northwest 2016.

LinuxFest Northwest 2016 is sponsored by some of the great names in Open Source, including Fedora Project, openSUSE Project, System76, PostgreSQL, Sysdig, StackIQ, Vivio Technologies, DemonWare, 2ndQuadrant, and Amazon. All the details you need to know about traveling and accommodation can be found on the event’s official website.

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