Linux News Today: Lumina Desktop Environment Hits 1.0 Milestone After Four Years of Development

PC-BSD developer, Ken Moore, is extremely happy to announce that after being in development for more than four years, his unique Lumina desktop environment has hit the 1.0 stable milestone.

Release highlights of the Lumina 1.0.0 desktop environment include a fully customizable user interface, out-of-the-box support for multi-monitor configurations, keyboard shortcuts support for any application through a new “favorites” system so you can easily find and launch apps you use the most.

Also new in the Lumina 1.0.0 release is the ability for system administrators to personalize the initial settings for users by using only one configuration file. Ultimately, Lumina remains a very lightweight desktop environment that won’t eat your system resources even under heavy usage.

“After roughly four years of development, I am pleased to announce the first official release of the Lumina desktop environment,” says Ken Moore. “This release is an incredible realization of the initial idea of Lumina – a simple and unobtrusive desktop environment meant for users to configure to match their individual needs.”

Lumina 1.0 is easily portable to other BSD-based and Linux OSes

Another interesting thing about the Lumina 1.0 desktop environment is that it can be easily ported to any other BSD-based or GNU/Linux operating system, including but not limited to FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Dragonfly BSD, TrueOS, Debian GNU/Linux, Gentoo, kFreeBSD, etc. Lumina Desktop 1.0 is already available for this systems, and can be ported to more with optional features.

Other than the above, the Lumina Desktop 1.0 release comes with the ability to add customized configuration files for your operating system’s interface, settings, desktop background, and more. Download Lumina Desktop 1.0 right now via our website and please try to keep in mind that it requires the Qt 5.2 or later libraries, the Fluxbox window manager, the XCB libraries, as well as various other small tools.

Via Softpedia

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