Linux News Today: Manjaro Linux Drops Support for Kernel 4.3, Users Urged to Move to Linux 4.4 LTS

The Manjaro development team has announced the general availability of a new update pack for the Manjaro Linux 15.12 (Capella) operating system, urging users to update as soon as possible.

As usual with any new Manjaro 15.12 Update Pack, users get the latest software versions, and this time is no different. The Manjaro update released on April 15, 2016, brings the latest KDE Plasma 5.6.2 and Cinnamon 2.8.8 desktop environments, ALSA 1.1.1 sound server, Python2, and the open-source AMDGPU 1.1.0 (xf86-video-amdgpu) graphics driver for AMD Radeon GPUs.

The update pack also introduces new kernel versions for the Manjaro Linux 15.12 (Capella) operating system, among which we can mention Linux 3.10.101 LTS, Linux 3.12.57 LTS, Linux, Linux 3.14.65 LTS, Linux, Linux 3.18.30 LTS, Linux, Linux 4.1.21 LTS, Linux, Linux 4.4.6 LTS, Linux 4.5, and Linux 4.6 Release Candidate 2.

Pamac graphical package manager to get a new design

Also new in the latest update pack for Manjaro Linux 15.12 (Capella) is a preview version of the soon-to-be-redesigned Pamac graphical package manager. This should allow user to double-click on a package’s name to view extra info, see a dependency’s details by clicking on a dependency in the dependencies view, as well as browse the packages during transactions.

“Also Guillaume was working for some time on a new design for pamac. Even if there is still some work to do, he wants some feedback on the work he had done so far. That for he proposed a preview version,” says the Manjaro Linux developers in the announcement. “It is always good to check for updated packages, even we don’t notify you about them.”

Lastly, the Manjaro Linux 15.12 (Capella) software repositories have been synchronized with upstream, which means that users will get all the new security patches and software updates from the Arch Linux repos, so please make sure that your Manjaro Linux installation is up to date at all times.

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