Linux News Today: Manjaro Linux Fluxbox 15.12 Has Just Arrived with systemd and OpenRC Flavors

Earlier today, January 3, 2016, the maintainers of the Manjaro Linux Fluxbox Community Edition operating system have announced the release of Manjaro Linux Fluxbox 15.12.

Based on the Manjaro Linux 15.12 “Capella” operating system and powered by the long-term supported Linux 4.1 kernel, Manjaro Linux Fluxbox 15.12 Community Edition is the latest stable and most advanced version of the distribution, available for download as systemd and OpenRC flavors.

“The Manjaro community is happy to announce a fresh release of the Fluxbox edition, including the latest packages of the Manjaro 15.12 ‘Capella’ stable branch. Both init systems Systemd and OpenRC are available in 64bit and 32bit,” said Bernhard Landauer, the maintainer of the Manjaro Linux Fluxbox edition.

Prominent features of Manjaro Linux Fluxbox 15.12 Community Edition include PCManFM as the default file manager, Palemoon web browser, Claws Mail email and news client, Hexchat IRC client, Pamac graphical package manager, VLC Media Player, Nitrogen wallpaper changer, as well as Mousepad and Nano text editors.

Moreover, the AbiWord word processor, LXTerminal terminal emulator, LXMusic music player, qpdfview PDF viewer, Geeqie image viewer, Pinta drawing app, Gnumeric spreadsheet editor, GParted partition editor, Scrot screenshot utility, Clipit clipboard tool, PulseAudio sound server, and Galculator calculator app are also there.

The latest Manjaro tools are available

As expected from any community edition of Manjaro Linux, the Manjaro Linux Fluxbox 15.12 operating system comes with the latest Manjaro tools, such as Manjaro-Welcome, Manjaro-Settings-Manager, and Manjaro-Printer. Moreover, Plank is used as the default dock, along with Fluxbox-menu with Fbmenugen and Dmenu-manjaro.

Last but not least, the distribution uses the Compton window compositor, the yaourt package manager for AUR (Arch Linux User Repository) support, Arandr for multihead support and screen configuration, and Numix-Reborn as the default icon and desktop theme. Download Manjaro Linux Fluxbox 15.12 right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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