Linux News Today: Manjaro Linux GNOME 15.12 Distribution Officially Released, Includes GNOME 3.18.2

On January 12, the Manjaro community has had the great pleasure of making an official announcement for the Manjaro Linux GNOME 15.12 computer operating system, which was made available for download a few days ago.

The announcement for Manjaro Linux GNOME 15.12 comes a day after the maintainer published details and download links for the first milestone towards the next major version of the Arch Linux-based distribution, Manjaro Linux GNOME 16.01, which should be released later this year.

According to the release announcement, Manjaro Linux GNOME 15.12 brings the GNOME Community Edition of Manjaro Linux up-to-date with the latest trends, as the development team managed to upgrade the GNOME desktop environment to the latest stable build, version 3.18.2, as well as to rebase the OS on Linux kernel 4.1.15 LTS.

“This release keeps to the style of the 15.12 version being that it is highly vanilla, but, of course, is up-to-date at the time of build and includes the latest Manjaro backend infrastructure. Note this means a very vanilla Gnome configuration, it doesn’t mean ‘minimal’, the full set of Gnome software and other apps are provided out-of-the-box,” reads the announcement.

Here’s what’s new in Manjaro Linux GNOME 15.12

As expected, Manjaro Linux GNOME 15.12 is based on the January 5 stable update for the Manjaro Linux 15.12 operating system, and updates most of the applications and core components to their latest versions as of January 12, 2016, such as systemd 228, X.Org Server 1.17.4, Mesa 11.1.0, Mozilla Firefox 43.0.2, and COGL 1.22.0-1.5.

Existing Manjaro Linux GNOME users can now upgrade from the 15.09 R2 release by using he built-in updater utility. The distribution’s repositories hosts further updates for some of the major components included. New users can download the Manjaro Linux GNOME 15.12 Live ISO images right now from our website.

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