Linux News Today: Manjaro Linux LXQt 16.04 Lands with Linux Kernel 4.4.4 LTS, Software Updates

Hot on the heels of Manjaro Linux JWM 16.04 Community Edition, the Manjaro Linux LXQt 16.04 Community Edition operating system has been released earlier, April 4, 2016, and it is now available to download.

According to the release notes, Manjaro Linux LXQt 16.04 Community Edition is now powered by Linux kernel 4.4.4 LTS, includes a 64-bit version of the Chromium web browser, and the 32-bit flavor of Mozilla Firefox, a new screen capture tool that can be activated with the Print Screen button.

As expected, the stable branch of the Manjaro Linux operating system has been used to generate the Manjaro Linux LXQt 16.04 release, which comes with the multilib repositories enabled by default for 64-bit systems, as well as the latest version of the advanced Calamares graphical installer.

“The Manjaro Community is proud to present our new LXQt Edition. Manjaro-LXQt aims to be light, fast and resource friendly, yet at the same time complete and ready to use for all typical everyday office- and multimedia-needs,” said Esclapion, maintainer of Manjaro LXQt, in the release announcement.

Most of the software packages have been updated

The latest software versions are also present in Manjaro Linux LXQt 16.04, which offers a great selection of applications, among which we can mention Octopi, PCManFM-Qt, GIMP, Gnumeric, qpdfview, AbiWord, SDDM, HexChat, LXImage-Qt, MPV, SMPlayer, PulseAudio, GParted, XSensors, LXTask,  Transmission-Qt, and QISOUSB.

The Manjaro Settings Manager utility is also present, and the software repositories have been synchronized with the upstream ones of the Arch Linux operating system. Download Manjaro Linux LXQt 16.04 Community Edition right now from our website, where you’ll find two Live ISO images that you can deploy on either 32-bit or 64-bit systems.

Via Softpedia

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