Linux News Today: Mark Shuttleworth Says He Would Support an Ubuntu with Budgie Flavor

Canonical’s founder, Mark Shuttleworth, expressed his support for an official Budgie-powered Ubuntu flavor if there is enough interest in the community.

Some of you might ask what Budgie is, and you would be right to do so. This is a new (relative to the age of the others) desktop environment that’s available by default in the Solus operating system. This is a Linux distro built from scratch, and the same developers are also making the desktop environment as well.

One the reasons why Ubuntu seems to have such a big hold on the Linux community has to do with the fact that there are a ton of official flavors that integrate various desktop environments, giving a little something for everyone. Some of the flavors are more famous than others, like Xubuntu, Kubuntu, or Ubuntu MATE, but there are a few that just provide different functionality.

Budgie for Ubuntu

There is nothing to stop developers from integrating Budgie in Ubuntu, and in fact, it’s available right now, through a PPA. As you can imagine, it would be a much better experience for users if Budgie were implemented by default in an Ubuntu flavor.

Without being prompted or asked by anyone, Mark Shuttleworth, the found of Canonical, made a really interesting statement on Google+, which means that he probably follows the project.

“Happy to support an application to make this an official *buntu flavour, if there is a community around the packaging,” said Mark.

Becoming an official Ubuntu flavor can’t happen overnight, and there needs to be a sufficiently big community to warrant building another Linux distribution. For now, Budgie is present in Solus and Manjaro, but it’s becoming more apparent that it’s easy to adopt it.

Budgie follows a traditional design for the desktop, but it’s using modern tools to achieve its goals. You can download the stable version of Solus to see what the fuss is all about with Budgie.

Via Softpedia

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