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Papyros is a new Linux distribution that uses Material Design and a new shell. It’s been in the works for a long time, but things are finally coming along.

It’s been quite a while since we last wrote of Papyros, although the development continued. The makers of Papyros took their time, and they want to build something from scratch. They don’t want to make a theme for something that’s already available; they want to make a shell that respects the Material Design direction from Google’s Android.

The OS is coming along, and they should have working and testable version pretty soon. It’s probably going to be dubbed 0.1, so we know that they still have a lot of work to do. In the past couple of weeks, the devs have been revealing some of the applications they have made for their OS, and it already looks amazing.

Papyros is already gorgeous

Papyros is easily one of the most interesting operating systems that are being worked on right now, and the main reason is its being completely different from what everyone else is doing. Material Design on a Linux distribution for the desktop users seems to be a great idea, and Papyros will most likely be the first one to fully implement it.

“Here’s a little preview of the state of our App Center. It’s still quite in the early stages, but coming along beautifully. These are all apps/runtimes I have installed via xdg-app. Everything you see in the screenshots is real data, no fake prototypes,” the developers have recently shared on Google+.

They’ve also revealed what the Settings are going to look like and that they are basing their terminal on Konsole, among other things. With a little bit of luck, the first working ISO should be ready pretty soon, and we’ll be able to test it properly.

Via Softpedia

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