Linux News Today: Meet Manjaro Linux Gaming 16.06, an Arch Linux-Based Distro Designed for Gamers

Today, May 30, 2016, we would like to introduce our Linux readers to an upcoming edition of the Arch Linux-based Manjaro Linux operating system designed for gamers.

Meet Manjaro Linux Gaming, a special flavor of the popular Manjaro Linux distribution built on top of the latest Arch Linux technologies, using a highly customized Xfce desktop environment with a dark setup to make it easy on your eyes, and preloaded with some of the best open-source software for gamers.

“I turned off the Sleep Mode, so your computer won’t go to sleep while you’re still playing games with a GamePad or watching a long cutscene,” the developer has explained. “I added several editing tools for anyone who wants to make gaming videos or stream on Twitch.”

If a game won’t run, dual boot with Windows

Manjaro Linux Gaming 16.06 is currently in development, and a first proper release will be out soon as part of the forthcoming Manjaro Linux 16.06 “Daniella” operating system, bringing you software projects like PlayOnLinux, Wine, OpenShot, Audacity, Kdenlive, OBS Studio, Mumble, Shutter, Conky Manager, and Skype for Linux.

Additionally, there will be numerous game emulator tools, among which we can mention DeSmuME, PPSSPP, PCSX2, Stella, DOSBox, Dolphin Emulator, Yabause, ZSNES, PCSXR, Fceux, VBA-M, and Gens/GS. Terminal add-ons like Color, ILoveCandy, and Screenfetch are also available, and you can enjoy the Retro Conky theme on you desktop too.

To make things even more fun, Gabe Newell will be watching you at the login screen, and if a certain game you want to play won’t run, the developer recommends that you install Manjaro Linux Gaming alongside Microsoft Windows and dual boot. Download Manjaro Linux Gaming 16.03 right now via our website and take the upcoming distro for a test drive. Happy gaming!

Manjaro Linux Gaming 16.06

Manjaro Linux Gaming 16.06

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