Linux News Today: Mesa 3D 11.0.9 Adds Better 4K Nouveau Decoding, Fixes SOMA Radeon R600 Glitches

On January 22, Collabora’s Emil Velikov had the pleasure of announcing the release and immediate availability for download of the ninth maintenance release for the Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.0 series.

Among the new features implemented in Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.0.9 we can mention important updates to the Nouveau video driver for the slow 4K decoding and an issue with the management of bufctx and pushbuf, as well as to the Radeon R600 graphics driver for the multitude of glitches in the SOMA game,  and, last but not least, several memory leak patches.

“The present release addresses some important driver issues – nouveau (sluggish 4K decoding, pushbuf/bufctx management), i965 (EGL crash), r600 (severge glitches in Soma), amongst others and plugs a few memory leaks,” said Emil Velikov, Software Release Engineer at Collabora. “NOTE: It is anticipated that 11.0.9 will be the final release in the 11.0 series. Users of 11.0 are encouraged to migrate to the 11.1 series in order to obtain future fixes.”

Mesa 3D 11.0 series to reach end of life soon

It would appear that the Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.0.9 release is, most probably, the last in the 11.0 series, which means that users and GNU/Linux distribution vendors will have to move to the new stable branch, Mesa 3D 11.1, which already has a first maintenance build out the door and more coming soon in the next weeks. In other words, Mesa 3D 11.0 is about to reach end of life.

In the meantime, the development of Mesa 3D 11.2 will start next month with a first RC (Release Candidate) build scheduled for February 19. The second and third RC released will see the light of day on February 2 and March 4, 2016, respectively. Download Mesa 3D Graphics Library 11.0.9 right now from Softpedia and don’t hesitate to check out the changelog below for technical details about what was implemented in this release.

Via Softpedia

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