Linux News Today: Mini-DebConf Debian Conference Is Taking Place November 10-13 in Cambridge, UK

Debian developer and the team lead of the famous “debian-cd” project Steve McIntyre is proud to announce the official dates and host city of the next Mini-DebConf Debian GNU/Linux conference.

Just yesterday, August 16, we celebrated the 23rd birthday of the Debian GNU/Linux operating system, and now we would like to inform our readers about the Mini-DebConf 2016 conference, which will take place later this year between November 10 and November 13. Where? In Cambridge, United Kingdom.

“As I’ve had so many requests again, I’m organizing another mini-DebConf in Cambridge this year,” says Steve McIntyre. “I’m also hoping to find sponsors again to cover some other costs for the conference for things like food – please contact me if you can help! [..] I’m expecting that we will end up discussing and working on the ARM ports and other ARM-related topics at the very least.”

According to Mr. McIntyre, his employer ARM will be hosting the Mini-DebConf 2016 conference for 4 days in November, during which you’ll be able to attend various dedicated development session, sprint and team meetings, as well as other general talks about porting the Debian GNU/Linux operating system to various ARM platforms, etc.

As usual, Mini-DebConf is a conference targeted mainly at Debian developers and hackers, but anyone interesting in learning more about Debian GNU/Linux can attent. For more details, and to register if you plan on attending, please visit the dedicated Debian wiki page at

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