Linux News Today: Mozilla Firefox 47.0 Is Now in Beta, Enables the VP9 Video Codec for Fast PCs

Now that everyone is enjoying the recently released Firefox 46.0 web browser, it is time for the Mozilla devs to start working on the next major version, Mozilla Firefox 47.0.

A first Beta build of the upcoming Mozilla Firefox 47.0 web browser has been seeded to public beta testers earlier, along with the draft release notes, suggesting that the software will support Google’s Widevine CDM video streaming technology on Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows platforms, support ChaCha20/Poly1305 cipher suites, and enable the VP9 video codec for fast PCs.

The list of new features continues with support for playing embedded YouTube videos with the HTML5 video player when Adobe Flash Player is not detected, support for RSA-PSS signature to the WebCrypto API, the ability to allow “no-cache” on back and forward navigations for HTTPS (Secure HTTP) resources, as well as support for simulating Push messages in about:debugging, for testing purposes.

Smart multi-line input lands in the Web Console

Mozilla Firefox 47.0 promises many other exciting new features, and among some of them we can mention smart multi-line input in the Web Console, the ability to review the web browser’s performance data in the about:performance page, support for SHA-2 hash algorithms for PBKDF2 in the WebCrypto API, and the removal of the Firefox User Extension Library (FUEL).

There are of course some new features for web developers, as well as dozens of security fixes and small changes, so we recommend taking a look at the changelog attached below if you’re curious to know what’s coming in Mozilla Firefox 47.0, which you can test drive right now by downloading the first Beta build for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows systems. The final release of Mozilla Firefox 47.0 should land on June 7, 2016.

Via Softpedia

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